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Quite simply, racing cannot proceed if we don't have an appropriate number of volunteers for the relevant course and type of race. Unfortunately events will need to be cancelled if there are insufficient volunteers. .

The type of roles often needed include:

  • Event setup – setting up registration desk, ticking names off the start sheet, sweeping loose material off the track, etc

  • Corner marshal – guiding participants around a corner, etc

  • Course vehicle – providing a safety presence in lead/following car


But I don’t know what to do? … There's not much to it!.... and we’ll always have someone to explain what needs to be done and provide the relevant equipment (eg safety vest, red flag, etc). 

While SCCC does not require every racing member to volunteer at least once a year (like some other clubs), this is your opportunity to ensure all events run smoothly and safely, and give a little back to the club!


What's more, relatives/friends of members are very welcome to volunteer. There are no special qualifications required - with the exception of requiring a current AusCycling membership. This can be in the form of a Non-Riding membership - which costs $0!!

As a volunteer your safety is of paramount importance. For example, as a corner marshal it is important to remember that riders are required to know the course, a marshal does not have the authority to stop/divert traffic, and you are there to guide the riders. You should therefore position yourself in a safe location, and avoid any situation that puts your safety in jeopardy. 

Number of Volunteers Required

The Calendar shows the number of volunteers needed for each race. But the typical number needed is shown in the following table.

Volunteer table.JPG
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