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Anyone from any club that holds a Race license that covers the Road discipline from AusCycling can enter events held by SCCC.

If you don't have a license, see our Membership page - including temporary license options to 'give it a go'.

Types of Races

SCCC provides graded, handicap and time trial race options, using road courses and criterium circuits. From time to time we also conduct races with a 'twist' - to further increase the enjoyment factor, and give everyone a chance to win! 

Races are typically held on a Sunday morning, with the occasional exception. See the Info section for course maps.

Rules & Regulations

SCCC conducts its events under AusCycling regulations and policies. It is the responsibility of riders to be familiar with those rules, which can be found at the AusCycling website. Some key AusCycling regulations/policies include:

  • Director's Code of Conduct

  • Inclusion Policy Statement

  • Technical Regulations - General

  • Technical Regulations - Road

  • Extreme Weather Policy

  • Concussion Policy

Our road races are also conducted on open roads, and hence riders need to obey the road rules. SCCC endeavours to provide courses that allow for uninterrupted racing by way of traffic control and/or marshals at key points, and it is important to obey any directions they may provide - including the displaying of a stop sign. 

Safety is paramount, so even the relatively simple things like keeping to the left of the road, pointing out potholes, and sprinting in a straight line are very important. 

Always remember that as officials, volunteers and participants, we are representing our sport to the broader community. Being polite, courteous and rule-abiding goes a long way.

If you wish to use a camera on your bike, you must present the bike to the Chief Commissaire BEFORE the race, to gain their approval. The camera must be fixed securely on the bike, not on a helmet or your body. Any footage must be made available to AusCycling within 48hrs if requested, and no material can be released to the public that may bring the sport into disrepute. Please note that any breaches of the AusCycling policy may be subject to penalties and disqualification.

Race Registration

SCCC uses EntryBoss to manage race registration. You can check if an event is open for registration at anytime by visiting the EntryBoss website, but we will upload links on the SCCC Facebook page and the Calendar/Results page preceding the event. 

EntryBoss may automatically select your grade. You can request a different grade, which will be assessed by the Handicapper. 

Cost of Entry

The cost for a single race at an event is $15 - free for juniors up to U19. SCCC may also offer promotional events at no cost!

Monetary prizes are often provided for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each grade (subject to numbers).


The aim of grading is to ensure safe, competitive and fair racing. SCCC holds races for A, B, C, D grades for both men and women, as well as for junior grades (up to U19). Some grades may be combined into the same race, but riders will still race for the win in their respective grade.

If you haven't been graded previously, it is best that you talk to our Handicapper Gary Morgan in order to identify the best grade for you. Typically information like how often you ride, who you ride with, the type of rides you do, etc will assist in identifying your initial grade.

Race Numbers & Transponders

SCCC typically does not use numbers or transponders for its events. When they are used both the numbers and transponders will be issued on the day. 

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