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SCCC COVID-19 Racing Guidelines*

 ‘Get In, Race, Get Out’

Should I Attend

  • Do not attend if you have had any illness or symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days or have been in close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19, even if mild.

  • It is recommended that anyone with concurrent medical conditions including; respiratory or cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and immuno suppression does not attend mass start events event unless the Health Department restrictions allow.

 Pre Event​

  • All participants must pre-register for each event using the clubs online event registration form. No members will be allowed to race if they have not pre-registered before the deadline advertised for the event. (5 PM Friday for Sunday Events)

  • Each event will include a race briefing which will include current and site specific information relating to COVID safe practice. Participants should ensure they have read the event race briefing and are mindful of the safe practices outlined.

  • A valid email and valid contact details must be provided on the event registration form. These details may be provided to state and federal health authorities if requested.

  • Participants to arrive in kit and depart in kit to avoid changing using on site facilities.

  • At this stage bringing spectators is discouraged. Parents accompanying juniors should not enter registration areas and practice social distancing.

  • Cash will not be accepted for entry. Contactless payment options (card) will be available on site.

  • No on site food or beverages will be available. Bring any required food or drink.

  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your event and leave the finishing area as soon as possible after the event.

  • Bring your valid CQ license. This will be required to race and will be held at registration and cleaned before return



  • Arrive fully kitted close to the time of your event.

  • Observe signage and directions for COVID safe practice as outlined in event briefing.

  • Make use of sanitiser at hygiene station before and after registration.

  • Maintain social distancing practices whilst entering and departing venue.

  • Do not hug, high five, touch each other at any point before, during or after their event. 


  Post Event

  • Vacate the finish area as soon as your event has completed.

  • No on site awards or presentations will take place. Results will be posted online.

  • To reduce use of public facilities plan to change out of your kit once you get home.

 *Compiled with reference to document "Cycling Australia Guidelines for Conducting Events in a COVID-19 Environment

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