Sunshine Coast Cycling Club Volunteer Policy

 To run safe, well organized and enjoyable races SCCC needs all members to contribute.


SCCC Volunteer Policy

  • All Members to nominate a minimum of 1 full event* in the calendar year before their third race. Beginning from July 2020 (North Arm Road Race)*

  • Members will not be able to race if they are not on the volunteer register by their third event.

  • Only members or supporters of members can volunteer. If a friend\partner is volunteering on your behalf please enter your name on the register as well as volunteers’ name.

   * 1 Full event or two half events eg.2 Registration desk half shifts

   * Those who have volunteered at the beginning of 2020 have completed the minimum requirement

  Click here to see Volunteer register

Club Benefits for Volunteering

  • 1 Free race entry

  • Eligibility for club subsidised programs, events or activities

  • Eligibility for Club Champs awards

  • Extra points in our soon to be unveiled club points system

  • Other stuff as we think of it :)


Failure to Perform Duty

  • If a member does not perform nominated duty they will not be able to race again until their duty has been completed.

  • Members are responsible for selecting an alternative spot to nominate.

First Aid Certificate

The club is keen to support any members interested in gaining First Aid qualifications and willing to volunteer as a first aider.


Please get in touch with the club if you’re interested in gaining Commissaire accreditation with a view to assisting in the club in this capacity

General Volunteering Information

It’s painless. 99.9% of past volunteers would agree!

But I don’t know what to do? … Not much to it and we’ll always have someone to get you sorted.

General volunteer activities include:

Event Setup – sweeping, checking for potholes, setting up rego desk, ticking names off the start sheet.

Course setup – Placing and collecting course signage as per Traffic Management Plan.

Corner Marshall – Looking conspicuous on a corner and pointing. (not official commissaire briefing)

Course Vehicle – Providing safety presence in follow/lead car.

Finish Line\Spotting – Photographing, recording or spotting place getters in tight bunch finishes