• Cyclists must stop at red lights – you will gain the respect of motorists and it’s the law!

  • Keep to the left on the road to allow clear passage for passing traffic

  • Wear a helmet, brightly coloured clothing and have lights on your bike

  • Be predictable and always indicate your intentions

  • Ride two abreast but be courteous if the road narrows

  • Communication is the key – signal or call your intentions and hazards to ensure your safety and the safety of those near you

  • At lights and intersections, stay in position behind queued vehicles rather than rolling up the side of stopped traffic


SCCC strongly supports a code of conduct in an effort to help create a culture amongst all cyclists to be more responsible and take ownership of their conduct when using the roads.  It is based upon cyclists adopting a Self-Regulated Code of Conduct when using the roads.  The Self-Regulated Code of Conduct for cyclists will assist in making the roads a safer place for all road users.


As the number of bikes and cars on our roads increases, we all have a role to play when we head out on the road, and that is to be responsible every time. We all have a right to use the road, however to ensure safety and mutual respect, responsible cycling and driving is essential for a good relationship on our roads.  We all make mistakes.  Be courteous and anticipate others’ mistakes.  Always look to improve your own driving and cycling by getting more information and being prepared to acknowledge your own mistakes so as not to repeat them.  And remember, in an increasingly obese and polluted world where the roads are congested, cycling tackles all three issues.


The Amy Gillett Foundation has been established to promote a safe and harmonious relationship of shared respect between cyclists and motorists. It aims to reduce the incidence of death and injury caused by the interaction of the two groups, by:


  • Raising awareness amongst cyclists and motorists of the need for a safe and harmonious relationship of shared respect

  • Educating cyclists and motorists


Conducting and funding research to inform and guide the AGF’s policies and programs influencing public policy and spending.